Giuliani On Fox Host Targeting Bannon: “I Don’t Know Who Put Him Up To Doing That….”

The decision stunned the media industry and infuriated conservatives.

The former mayor of New York City lashed out at Fox News on Thursday night, just days after the network fired Tucker Carlson as a host.

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon has also criticized Fox, saying the network has lost its appeal now that Carlson has been ousted.

On Thursday, Brian Kilmeade (who filled in for Carlson after he was taken off the air) gave a radio appearance in which he reacted.

Kilmeade noted that it was bad form for Bannon to criticize Fox. He reminded listeners that Bannon was let go from the Trump administration, hooked up with another writer, and proceeded to rip Trump to shreds. Then he gets in trouble with the law, Trump pardons him, and he becomes a Trump supporter.

On Thursday’s The Balance on Newsmax episode, Giuliani expressed his displeasure with Kilmeade’s remarks.

Eric Bolling, the host, informed that Brian Kilmeade had criticized Steve Bannon, and Bolling wondered if Fox is trying to be obvious that they are completely against MAGA and America First.

“Yeah, it sounded to me like it’s all-out war that they’re engaging in,” Giuliani said in response. Giuliani said they are behaving like democrats.

A portion of Kilmeade’s interview with Bolling was played on WABC.

Giuliani responded, “Brian is better than that.” This is not the analysis of a journalist but rather a cheap political hit; I have no idea who put him up to say that.”

Giuliani did not elaborate on which of Kilmeade’s remarks he thought was “cheap.”

“Brian likes to think of himself as a journalist, and he should try to act like one,” he said.

Especially after the 2020 election, when he falsely claimed that the election had been rigged, Giuliani was a regular guest on Fox News. Claims he and others made on the network regarding Dominion Voting Systems were at the center of a defamation case that Fox resolved with the firm last week for $787.5 billion.