Girl Takes Legal Action Over Gender Surgery That Happened When She Was 13

An 18-year-old woman who underwent “top” surgery at 13 is suing a California hospital and the doctors overseeing the procedure claiming “ideological and profit-driven medical abuse,” The Epoch Times reported.

Kayla Lovdahl says that at the age of 11, she had been influenced by social media to “entertain the erroneous belief that she was transgender,” according to the lawsuit filed against Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and four doctors in California State Court.

According to the complaint, the doctors permitted Kayla’s “na├»ve, emotional, childish, rollercoaster of feelings” to determine the “treatment” she would receive.

When Kayla’s parents struggled to deal with their 11-year-old daughter’s belief that she was a boy, they sought medical help. The doctors quickly determined that Kayla was transgender, according to the complaint.

By 12, Kayla was placed on testosterone and hormone blockers before receiving any psychological evaluation. Instead, she had a 75-minute “transition evaluation,” the complaint said.

Within six months of being placed on hormone treatment, Kayla’s breasts were surgically removed.

According to the complaint, the doctors told Kayla’s parents that it would be better to have a living son than a dead daughter.

The lawsuit maintains that the defendants in the case did not seek to understand what “psychological events” may have led Kayla to think she was transgender, nor did they “evaluate, appreciate, or treat” her other “multi-faceted” symptoms. Instead, they simply assumed that an “emotionally troubled” 12-year-old “knew best” how to “improve her mental health,” the complaint said.

Kayla, who began “de-transitioning” at 17, believes that the doctors were negligent, and she was “mistaken” for believing that she was transgender.

The lawsuit also accuses the hospital and the doctors of failing to provide Kayla’s parents the proper “informed consent,” which would have included comprehensive therapy, something Kayla said was never provided.

Kayla claims that the transgender procedures left her with “deep physical and emotional wounds and severe regret.”