Giant Explosion Shuts Down Interstate

( A massive fireball erupted on Interstate 40 near Forrest City, Arkansas after a truck hauling diesel fuel exploded during a multi-car accident around 3:00 pm on Monday shutting down the interstate for over twelve hours.

According to Arkansas State Police, a multi-car chain reaction accident involving thirteen vehicles occurred after a car lost control, leaving at least one person trapped inside a vehicle. The Arkansas Department of Transportation later confirmed that one person died in the wreck.

It was unclear whether the car stopped suddenly or if hit hydroplaned. However, DOT spokesman Dave Parker said weather was a factor in the crash.

A local news outlet posted a video on Twitter showing the plume of smoke from the smoldering diesel truck in the distance:

The local Fox News channel from Little Rock posted a closer video showing the truck engulfed in flames:

Dave Parker told reporters that the roadway was damaged by the heat and fire from the explosion. He said the interstate would remain open when the repairs were made.

The lanes reopened over twelve hours later once the roadway was cleared.