Ghislaine Maxwell Says Prince Andrew Photo Is Completely Doctored

( In her first interview from prison, a former socialite and convicted child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell revealed that she had recruited young girls for her ex-partner Jeffrey Epstein. She also claimed that a widely circulated photo of Prince Andrew allegedly taken in her London home in 2001 was a fake.

After a jury debated for 40 hours, they found Maxwell guilty of enticing young girls back to Epstein’s numerous houses so that the multi-millionaire could sexually attack them. Maxwell was convicted of sex trafficking earlier this year. The alleged crimes are thought to have occurred between 1994 and 2004.

A picture of Prince Andrew with Virginia Giuffre, a sex trafficking victim who was then 17 years old, also seems to have been taken around this time, but Maxwell is now doubting its veracity.

Giuffre, now 39, presented the image as proof to back up her allegations that she was transported from California to the UK by Jeffrey Epstein and subjected to three instances of sexual assault by Andrew. Later, a settlement outside of court was reached.

Prince Andrew has consistently vehemently refuted Giuffre’s claims and maintained that the picture was altered. Even though the Duke of York has now lost some of his royal responsibilities and titles, the image seems authenticated by an earlier email from Maxwell.

Maxwell acknowledged in an email from 2015 that the photograph depicts her house. “It seems genuine,” she retorted. I believe it is.

However, in a recent interview from behind bars, Maxwell changed her mind about the notorious picture. Now supporting Andrew’s assertions, the 60-year-old says: “This picture is fake.” I don’t want to bring up Virginia.

According to Maxwell, the image had “over 50 flaws with it” that have not been made public, and it was these unnamed problems that made Maxwell decide the image was fabricated.

Maxwell is now incarcerated in a low-security facility in Florida, where she will carry out the remainder of her 20-year sentence. On July 17, 2037, she will be eligible for release.