Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly “Not Even Close” To A New Trial

( Remember the news that a juror in Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial didn’t inform the court that he was a victim of sexual abuse on a juror questionnaire? Once the news came out about juror Scotty David, lawyers representing the former partner of dead millionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein began working to get the verdict thrown out and initiate a new trial.

But according to a U.S. government court filing, Maxwell has not even come close to proving that the juror was biased, and a new trial is not on the cards.

Despite Maxwell’s attorneys arguing that the jurors were biased, the court didn’t agree.

“After the thoughtful and thorough hearing held by this Court, it is crystal clear that the defendant received a fair trial,” the court filing reads. “Juror 50’s sworn testimony at the hearing made evident that he did not deliberately lie in completing the questionnaire, but that he instead made an honest mistake.”

The filing adds that even had the juror accurately reported his history on the questionnaire, he would not have been struck for cause.

In short, it means that a juror wasn’t biased just because he experienced sexual abuse as a child.

If anything, his experience probably gave him a valuable insight into the kind of crimes that Maxwell and Epstein committed.

It means that Maxwell’s convictions on five out of six counts of sex trafficking young girls will stay in place, and she won’t be leaving prison any time soon.