Ghislaine Maxwell Might Be Saved After Juror Lied On Form

( Unsealed documents from Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial have revealed that a trial juror who shared his story of child sexual abuse with other jurors in the trial didn’t reveal that information during his juror questionnaire. It means that Maxwell, the former partner of dead millionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, may be able to seek a retrial.

35-year-old Scotty David from New York City told the press in the wake of Maxwell’s guilty verdict that he had shared a story about him being abused as a child, which he said helped jurors understand the crimes that Maxwell and her associates were accused of. Soon after the media reported on his comments, Manhattan Federal Court Judge Alison Nathan ruled that David should be questioned about his truthfulness during the pre-trial period where he was questioned about his history.

The purpose of pre-trial juror questionnaires is to ensure that the people chosen to sit on the jury do not have any experiences or biases that may make them a poor candidate to come to a fair verdict. Judge Nathan said that statements David made to the media “cast doubt on the accuracy of his responses during jury selection.”

Now, though, it has been revealed by unsealed court documents that David checked the box “no” when he was asked whether he had ever been sexually abused. It means that David either lied when filling out the juror questionnaire or lied when he told the media and other jurors about his experience being abused.

A copy of the questionnaire in which he made the false statement can be found here.

David claims, however, that he “flew through” the paperwork and doesn’t remember a question about being abused. If he made an intentionally false statement, he could be charged with perjury.

So, what does this mean? Well, Maxwell’s attorneys will likely use this as an opportunity to file for another trial…and it could well be granted at this point.