Ghislaine Maxwell Files Final Appeal To Get Out Of Conviction

( Ghislaine Maxwell officially filed an appeal on Thursday against her conviction and 20-year jail term for complicity in the over a decade-long sex abuse and trafficking of minors by the late Jeffrey Epstein.

US Circuit Judge Alison Nathan sentenced her in Manhattan nine days before filing the appeal.

The punishment, according to Nathan, reflected Maxwell’s “instrumental” part in the abuse and trafficking, adding that it costs victims “incalculable” harm.

Maxwell’s defense team claims she is being used as a scapegoat for Epstein’s wrongdoing.

For her part in luring young girls who claimed to have been dragged into a world of widespread rape and sexual abuse, the former socialite was found guilty on five counts by a federal jury and sentenced to pay a $750,000 fine.

The British media mogul Robert Maxwell’s daughter might spend the rest of her life in prison, with good behavior and the two years she spent behind bars while awaiting trial perhaps counting in her favor.

After her trial, she made a half-hearted apology.

She stated that she thought Jeffrey Epstein was a man who lived a very compartmentalized existence and misled everyone in his sphere.

She referred to Jeffrey Epstein as “manipulative, clever, and domineering” and stated he “should have been here,” expressing her biggest regret about meeting him.

She said she hoped my conviction and severe imprisonment provided closure.

What arguments Maxwell will use in her case weren’t specified in her appeal.

Her attorneys have previously claimed that the conviction was tainted because there was insufficient proof that Maxwell was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. They also mentioned how long the prosecution took to indict her. One juror’s failure to reveal that he had been sexually molested as a youngster also caused worry from her attorneys.
Judge Nathan dismissed these arguments in April.

The appeals procedure might take months or even years.

Her ex-colleague Epstein allegedly committed suicide in a Manhattan jail cell in August 2019 while awaiting his sex trafficking trial.