Ghislaine Maxwell Complains As List Of Epstein Associates Breaks

Ghislaine Maxwell, the ex-girlfriend of the disgraced late financier Jeffrey Epstein, has told reporters she has “nothing to say” about the eagerly-awaited list of almost 200 of Epstein’s associates made public on January 3. The document was published on the order of Judge Loretta Preska of the Southern District of New York and contains the names of Epstein’s friends and associates, but does not suggest that all of those listed are guilty of wrongdoing.

Among those named is the UK’s Prince Andrew, who has already been publicly accused of abusing girls procured by Maxwell, former US President Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump. Ex-New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, lawyer Alan Dershowitz, and billionaire Tom Pritzker are also included.

President Clinton’s appearance on the list was unsurprising as he had already acknowledged using Mr. Epstein’s private jet. While there is no specific claim of wrongdoing on Clinton’s part, Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein’s victims, testified that she was told the former President “likes them young.” In 2019, a spokesperson for Mr. Clinton said he knew nothing about Epstein’s crimes.

Donald Trump’s name appeared because Epstein suggested inviting him to a casino event, but an unnamed victim said Trump was not involved in the exploitation of girls.

Former Governor Richardson was, however, explicitly accused of abuse, and Giuffre alleges that she was ordered to spend a night with the former Democratic Governor, who died last September.

Ms. Maxwell is serving a 20-year prison term for her part in the scandal. Virginia Giuffre accused her of procuring and grooming young girls and then forcing them to engage in sexual activity with several men. Her attorney, Arthur Aidala, has previously stated, “If you look at this crime, this overall crime, it’s all about men abusing women for a long period, and it’s only one person in jail — a woman.”

Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in a Manhattan prison in 2019 while awaiting trial on human trafficking charges.