Georgia Conducting Secret 2020 Ballot Review

( Remember last year when poll monitors from Georgia testified under oath that they believe boxes of mail-in ballots cast for then-candidate Joe Biden appeared to have been photocopied? It’s just one of the countless examples of poll watchers and election officials expressing their concern about the legitimacy of the last presidential election, and apparently, it’s something concerning enough for Georgia state investigators to begin investigating.

But unlike the Arizona forensic audit, which is being live-streamed 24/7 for everybody to see and to ensure maximum transparency, state investigators are reportedly examining the ballots while keeping plaintiffs of a lawsuit requesting an inspection in the dark.

Joe Biden only won the state of Georgia by some 12,000 votes, so boxes of mail-in ballots could have swayed the results of this election very easily. According to RealClearInvestiations, a whistleblower has spoken out to explain how state investigators pressured a poll watcher to recant her story about seeing “pristine” ballots that didn’t even look like they had been folded.

Poll watcher Suzi Voyles, who has worked as a Fulton County poll manager for years, said in a sworn affidavit that the response made her feel as though she was under investigation herself.

Isn’t it amazing how President Joe Biden and the Democrats are willing to smear a long-time election official for speaking out about something extremely concerning?

State officials, according to RealClearInvestigations, have refused to inform a judge overseeing a lawsuit about the pristine ballots that they were conducting an inspection into the mail-in ballots – which should be concerning for multiple reasons.

First of all, the secretive investigation means that evidence could be being tampered with. Secondly, it violates a protective order placed on the ballots by a judge in January.

The chief investigator for the office of the Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, told RealClearInvestigatiosn that investigators were sent to Fulton County earlier in the year to inspect the ballots. The state claims that they could not find any ballots that appeared to be pristine.

This is from the same office that refused to work with the president on ensuring election integrity after November last year, so is it any wonder they said that?

Remember, Fulton County was only won by Joe Biden when huge dumps of ballots appeared in the dead of night.

And we’re meant to believe that isn’t suspicious…