George Soros Group Is Quietly Targeting The National File 

( Two news outlets, Gizmodo and Media Matters, released fake news about National File on Friday. According to the articles in question, Alex Jones, the creator of Info Wars, owns and controls National File as part of a broader conspiracy to get over the restrictions imposed on him on Facebook and other major internet platforms.  

The Southern Poverty Law Center seems to be the driving force behind the fabricated news campaign. In an earlier post, the SPLC attacked National File and called for eliminating conservative news outlets. 

Gizmodo reports that on Friday, Kyle Barr wrote a story identifying National File as the “secret site” owned and operated by Info Wars and Alex Jones. It is claimed in Barr’s hit piece that Alex Jones, the founder of Info Wars, uses National File to get around the social media bans imposed on him by Big Tech oligarchs and their government allies. 

Gizmodo’s claims are patently false. Yahoo News, however, decided to republish the piece even though National File has already publicly discredited Gizmodo’s bogus claim. 

The bogus charge leveled at National File that they publishing fake news came on the heels of a similar piece by Media Matters, which in turn followed an assault on National File by the Southern Poverty Law Center by a little over a week. Regarding spreading fake information, Gizmodo has gone even further than the George Soros-funded Media Matters and the SPLC. 

The fake news attack articles against National File are only the latest chapter in the SPLC and its supporters’ decades-long attempt to stifle patriot media. 

Attacks against National File have come from Gizmodo, the SPLC, and Media Matters, all of whom have also recently begun campaigns against Stew Peters, the creator of his nationally syndicated show and the creator of the documentary Died Suddenly. Peters slammed Media Matters and its founder, David Brock, on a recent edition of the Stew Peters Show, examining the “empire of lies” that Media Matters stands atop.  

Brock created Media Matters.