George Soros Dumps Over $100 Million In New Scheme To Prop Up Democrats

( Billionaire political donor and disruptor George Soros is continuing his efforts to divide American society by spending as much of his money on extremist political groups as he can, with reports revealing that he is due to hand out a massive $125 million to a super PAC to assist Democrats in this year’s midterm elections.

The 91-year-old hedge fund billionaire has long used his money to advance political causes, with his most recent focus being on elected far-left district attorneys that advocate for “criminal justice reform.”

Soros also donated $80 million during the 2020 presidential election cycle.

In a recent statement, Soros told the press that his son would become the next president of his “Democracy PAC” Super PAC.

“I established Democracy PAC to support causes and candidates, regardless of political party, who share a mission of protecting and strengthening the infrastructure of American democracy: voting rights and civic participation, civil rights and liberties, and the rule of law,” he wrote.

It’s a sign that Soros is planning for the future, making sure that his money continues being shared with far-left organizations and campaigns across the United States long after he dies.

It’s also curious that he chose to use the word “infrastructure” to refer to “voting rights” and “civic participation.” It appears to be an extension of recent Democratic efforts to label far-left legislation as “infrastructure” and passing spending bills to support it.

“Voting rights” under the Democrats’ definition, which actually means weakening election ID and integrity laws, is not infrastructure and never will be.

Soros also said that he endowed the Democracy PAC with a “long-term investment so that it can continue this important work into the future.”

Super PACs cannot directly contribute to political campaigns, but they can donate money to other organizations that take political action that may indirectly influence the result of future elections.