George Soros Cash Is Propping Up The Wrong DAs

With continued backing from billionaire George Soros, three progressive Virginia prosecutors have won each of their primary elections.

According to reports, after conducting a reelection campaign centered on “restorative justice” concepts, including banning cash bail and drug criminalization, Commonwealth Attorney Parisa Dehghani-Tafti of Arlington-Falls Church defeated primary candidate Josh Katcher.

Two Soros-backed groups funded a total of over $350,000 to invest in two Virginia prosecutors, putting them in danger of losing their offices to Democrat competitors in the June 20 primary. Soros had helped get these prosecutors elected four years earlier.

Dehghani-Tafti’s reelection campaign earned a total of $326,000.

On the same night, Steve Descano, a progressive Fairfax County Attorney who received $26,500 in Soros money this year, defeated his primary opponent Ed Nuttall by a margin of more than 10 points.

The far-left Descano, who has vowed to ignore any abortion limitations passed through his state’s legislative process, has been criticized for his lenient stances on crime. He dropped charges against a lifelong criminal that almost killed a mom and her three kids in a road rage incident.

Elizabeth Lancaster was bested by Soros-backed Loudoun County Prosecutor Buta Biberaj by more than 10 points.

The Soros-backed Biberaj has often been criticized. A circuit court judge threw her out of office for misleading the court in a criminal case.  She also hired a paralegal who was a  convicted sex offender.

Reports show that a county supervisor accused Biberaj of abusing her position to harass reporters and political opponents in February. 

A parent in Virginia came to a school board meeting following his daughter’s sexual attack by a male student in a school restroom, and Biberaj appeared to side with the attacker.  Concerns over “impartiality” in the highly publicized case that garnered national attention also led to Biberaj’s dismissal.

At least three Democrat county supervisors have abandoned their support for Biberaj.

On the Republican side, Governor Glenn Youngkin backed the winning candidates in 6 contested races for the state House and Senate.