George Soros And Rockerfeller Group Launched Media Group Overseas

( According to sources, an “alternative media” organization opening an office in Hungary is funded by the Open Society Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, and the Biden administration.

According to reports, Internews is using cash provided by the Biden administration to open a branch in Hungary. Internews is an organization that seeks to encourage “independent media” in various nations.

The rumored plan for the new Internews office comes amid rising tensions between Budapest and Washington D.C.; the organization also receives funding from Geroge Soros’ Open Society Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and several Silicon Valley tech companies.

According to the Hungarian news source PestiSrácok, the U.S. government is helping the “opposition media” organization open an office in Budapest.

A number of job listings on Internews websites that state that the organization is now hiring “for a U.S. government-funded project” that will be located out of the Hungarian capital seem to support such a claim.

The project promotes “a robust independent media sector in Armenia, Georgia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Ukraine that is resistant to powerful forces seeking to manipulate, isolate, or control the press.”

Although it’s not apparent if the office has been established as of the time of writing, the post states Internews’ goal is to have their Hungarian Office established by October 2022.

Internews is supported by the Open Society Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and Rockefeller Family & Associates, in addition to the U.S. government, which is stated as the financial source for this most current project.

Significant Silicon Valley tech companies reportedly support the “independent media” organization. Google and Facebook are both listed as donors to the organization.

However, the establishment of an Internews office in Budapest with support from the Biden administration seems to have drawn the attention of many observers. This is because several newspapers have interpreted this as another attempt by the United States to influence Hungarian affairs.

Last month, the U.S. Embassy in Hungary uploaded a video accusing senior Hungarian commentators of making “harsh anti-Western and anti-American comments.”

The video echoes previous “Wolf Warrior” methods utilized by Xi Jinping’s China, which has used its embassies to criticize Western nations via social media posts.