Fugitive Captured After Four Months On The Run

A Missouri escaped prisoner was captured Thursday by federal officials in Pennsylvania. After being on the run for four months, the convict was finally apprehended. He was in custody for child abuse.

U.S. Marshals in Chester County tracked down the 34-year-old wanted man, Mario Che-Tiulto, a residence in Avondale thanks to a tip. About 1,200 miles separated him from the June jailbreak spot in southwestern Missouri.

The Marshal spokesman, Eric Gartner, said the recent apprehension of a Missouri inmate who escaped custody should drive home a universal truth: we never give up.

The U.S. Marshal for Pennsylvania’s Eastern District, Gartner, said emphatically, “Never, ever.”

The Chester County Criminal Investigation Division in Avondale, Pennsylvania, and U.S. Marshalls apprehended the Missouri prison escapee at 1:30 p.m. After a violent jailbreak in Barry County, Missouri, Che-Tiul, the sixth and final inmate to be apprehended, became the target of a manhunt.

On June 1st, seven inmates used force and violence to escape the Barry County Jail. One of the detainees was Che-Tiul.

Sheriff Danny Boyd of Barry County said that one of the inmates had asked for a blood pressure check.

After that, the inmates “grabbed him from behind and choked him out until he passed out,” Sheriff Boyd told the local media.

Six escaped inmates were captured within the first twenty-four hours after the jailbreak. Che-Tiul was detained for alleged crimes, including child molestation, incest, and assault.
Missouri prosecutors have announced that they will file charges against Che-Tiul for two counts of assault, kidnapping, and escape in connection with the jailbreak.

Che-Tiul was found close to where Danelo Cavalcante was arrested. The convicted murderer fled from a facility in Chester County on August 31 and has been sought by authorities in Philadelphia and its environs ever since.