Fox Star Geraldo Rivera Says Pilots Are “Screwing” America By Fighting For Health Freedom

( Fox News’ insufferable token liberal Geraldo Rivera recently claimed that the Southwest Airlines employees who walked out in protest of a COVID-19 vaccine mandate are “screwing over” the people of the United States.

No concern, apparently, about the United States federal government implementing unconstitutional vaccine mandates and requiring businesses to do the same.

Rivera, who has made a name for himself arguing with Republicans on television and purposely siding with liberals on controversial issues, tried to defend mandates by referring to a Supreme Court case in 1905. He wrongly claimed that the court case sets out a good case for implementing vaccination mandates, but doesn’t acknowledge that the COVID-19 vaccine is not a vaccine in any meaningful sense.

Not only has the vaccine not been tested to the extent that other vaccines have been tested, it has a horrible side effect profile and doesn’t actually stop you from catching and spreading the virus.

Rivera went on to argue with Jesse Waters on the matter, and accused the Republicans of “celebrating the negative impacts” of Biden’s vaccine mandate.

Celebrating the negative impact of the mandate? How about, more accurately, opposing the implementation of a vaccine mandate and the negative consequences that come from it?

What is wrong with this guy?