Fox Stands By Rudy Giuliani Amid Reports He’s Banned From Fox News

( Executives from Fox Entertainment have “absolutely no regrets” about casting former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani in an April broadcast of the Fox show, “The Masked Singer.”

Giuliani’s appearance on the Fox program caused breathless well-I-nevering among the American news media and prompted one of the show’s judges, Ken Jeong, to storm off the stage in protest after Giuliani was unmasked.

But Rob Wade, Fox Entertainment’s president of alternative entertainment and specials, reportedly told reporters that Giuliani’s appearance was of “The Masked Singer’s” “jaw-dropping moments.

According to “Variety,” during a conference call Monday announcing the network’s fall lineup, Wade said there were “absolutely no regrets” in casting Giuliani. He said marketing is about delivering “jaw-dropping moments” and Giuliani’s involvement accomplished just that.

Wade added that his only regret is that the press spoiled “the reveal.”

In his appearance during the April 20 episode of “The Masked Singer,” Giuliana blasted out George Thorogood’s hit song, “Bad to the Bone.” The segment was filmed months before and leaked to the press in advance of its broadcast.

Giuliani said he agreed to appear on the show to set an example for his granddaughter, Grace. Giuliani told host Nick Cannon that he wanted Grace to know “you should try everything, even the things that are completely unlike you.”

But because Giuliani is now one of the “bad people” who questioned the 2020 presidential election results and must heretofore be barred from polite society, Fox Entertainment was attacked for permitting one of the “bad people” to have a little fun on a mindless, inconsequential TV variety show.

“The Masked Singer” made use of Giuliani’s involvement in challenging the 2020 election. As a “clue” to the masked Giuliani’s identity, the show referenced “Four Seasons Landscaping,” the Philadelphia gardening company where he held a post-election press conference that was supposed to be booked at the Four Seasons hotel.