Fox News Ukraine Poll Shows 23 Points Lower 

( According to recent research conducted by Axios, viewers of Fox News and other conservative media outlets are an astounding 23 percentage points less inclined to favor the United States’ engagement in assisting Ukraine in defending itself against Russia’s invasion. 

Recent comments by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in which he referred to the conflict as a “territorial dispute” not in the nation’s “vital interest” to be engaged in have resulted in criticism. 

DeSantis said while the United States has many critical national interests, such as securing borders, military preparedness, energy independence, and monitoring the economic, cultural, and military power of the Chinese, becoming further enmeshed in a “territorial dispute” between Ukraine and Russia is not on the list. 

Although several Republican lawmakers and conservative commentators harshly criticized the remarks, a new study conducted by Axios and Ipsos reveals a startling gap in opinion between Republicans and everyone else on the issue and a significant divide depending on the news diet. 

The most recent Axios/Ipsos Two Americas Index showed that 59% of Americans support providing weapons and financial support to Ukraine, ranging from 79 percent among Democrats to 60 percent among independents, with support ranging from 42 percent among Republicans to just 59% among Democrats. 

People who primarily watch or read Fox News or other conservative media are significantly less likely to support arming Ukraine than those who mostly care or read network news, major national papers, or their local news (66%). Only 43% of people who primarily watch or read Fox News or other conservative media favor arming Ukraine. 

The left feels this is the result of “indoctrination” by Fox news without ever contemplating that the support for Ukraine is the result of indoctrination, as well.