Fox News Text Message Leak Returns To Public Spotlight

Far-left media outlets have parroted the belief that just months after his leaked text texts suggested he despised Donald Trump, Fox News personality Tucker Carlson was mocked by leftists on social media for his 60-minute interview with Trump.

Mr. Trump talked for extended stretches of the conversation with little interruption from Carlson, who often just listened and nodded or laughed.

Contrary to the far-left style of journalism, letting a person speak is necessary during an interview.

A far-left-leaning outlet reports that after the release of his critical text messages toward Trump, the right-wing presenter, renowned for his extended rants and abrasive vocabulary, was called out by leftists who saw the interview as a humiliation for him.

According to a Fox News report, in an exclusive interview with Tucker Carlson, the previous president Donald Trump said that he had misgivings about Joe Biden running for re-election.

Trump’s first interview since his arrest in New York City last week was with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. Some of the things spoken about include being indicted and Biden’s interest in running for re-election.

The report shows that rumors about Biden running for another term in office have circulated,  but he has not made a public declaration. Biden told NBC weatherman Al Roker that he planned on running before adding he was not ready to announce it yet.

Carlson questioned Trump on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” whether he believed Biden would run again for office. Trump responded by stating it was uncertain whether the president could manage another campaign since Biden was unable to deliver meaningful answers in his shallow interview with Roker.

Trump remarked that he keeps an eye on Biden as you do.  Something is wrong with Biden. When Al Roker asked him whether he would run for office, he watched Biden’s response on television.  Trump said the veteran Today Show weatherman could not have asked Biden any simpler questions. Biden gave a lengthy answer about Easter eggs and nonsense. Trump said he does not see how it’s conceivable that Biden could run again.