Fox News Stars Reported As Donald Trump’s Private Advisers

( Two months after her anti-Trump book was released, the backstabbing Stephanie Grisham is still going on CNN to promote it. That can only be a sign that nobody is interested in buying her garbage book.

As part of its day-long broadcasting of the anniversary of January 6, CNN invited Grisham on to hurl accusations at Fox News.

Grisham told CNN’s New Day that Sean Hannity “was like a shadow adviser” to President Trump. He wasn’t a shadow advisor. But Grisham was going for effect here, not facts. She claimed that she often spoke to Hannity when she was the White House press secretary. Before interviews Hannity would do with Trump, Grisham would meet with Hannity to discuss the interview. Wasn’t that her job as press secretary?

To Grisham’s mind, Hannity “definitely advised the president on many, many things to do.”

She doesn’t give any examples of course.

But she concludes that because he allegedly advised Trump, it didn’t surprise her that Hannity texted Mark Meadows during the January 6 riot.

Then New Day host John Berman wanted Stephanie Grisham to put on her psychic hat and explain to him what Hannity meant when he texted to Meadows “we can’t have this.” He asked Grisham to tell him who the “we” was.

Without a shred of evidence, Grisham claimed the “we” were people like Judge Jeanine, Maria Bartiromo, and Sean Hannity.

Of course, it is far more likely that the “we” was “we” as a nation. But that wouldn’t allow the backstabbing Grisham another opportunity to give CNN exactly what they want: an attack on Fox News.

It was reported in late 2021 that the Biden White House was holding “briefings” with several news outlets to tell them to report more favorably on Biden’s economic record. It’s funny how that kind of direct communication between the White House and the media doesn’t bother phonies like Stephanie Grisham.

Pay no attention to this grandstanding backstabber. Like every other former Trump official who decided to turn to CNN to dish dirt, Stephanie Grisham isn’t worth your time or energy.