Fox News Star Juan Williams Insanely Throws His Support Behind Biden’s Afghanistan Move

( Far-left commentator Juan Williams is continuing his work as a Biden administration lapdog, once again praising President Joe Biden despite all the evidence showing that he has done a horrific job during his short time in the White House so far.

Following Biden’s horrific orchestration of the long-planned U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan – which saw the Taliban gaining control of billions of dollars of American military equipment and tens of thousands of Americans stranded in the country – Williams used his regular column at The Hill to congratulate the president.

In the piece, which you can read here, he congratulated Biden for giving the “most effective, most honest foreign policy speech by an American president in the last 60 years.”

Does this guy live in an alternate universe?

He claimed that Biden “made no excuses” – which isn’t true, as he regularly complained about the situation he “inherited” from former President Donald Trump – and then wrongly suggested that the last three presidents kicked the can down the round.

The truth, however, is that President George W. Bush started the war, Obama didn’t try to end it, and then in one singular term, former President Donald Trump took steps to gradually decrease America’s presence in the country while laying down threat after threat to the Taliban in preparation for a full military withdrawal.

Biden did not follow through on those threats.

Williams literally thanked President Biden for his speech, and then attempted to discredit those who called out Biden’s poor execution of the withdrawal. He claimed that what he saw when Biden ordered the withdrawal of U.S. troops was the Afghan military folding in the face of the enemy, even after the U.S. spent a trillion dollars training and arming them.

Which is…what everyone else saw, too.

What Williams apparently didn’t see, however, was Biden withdrawing troops abruptly, without notifying NATO allies in advance and leaving American citizens behind, stranded.

What about that part, Juan?