Fox News Sets New Record With “The Five” According To Cable Ratings

( Fox News is still enjoying a massive ratings boost, with virtually all shows on the network seeing an increased number of viewers tuning in. The Five, the network’s flagship panel discussion show, led all cable news channels on Tuesday in the important 25-54 age demographic.

The demographic is an essential one for advertisers. When networks top the charts in terms of viewers within that age range, it means advertisers have a greater chance of selling their products during commercial breaks.

The Five attracted 3.88 million total average viewers during its 5pm slot on Tuesday, with Tucker Carlson’s hist 8pm news shot attracting 3.63 million viewers. Then, Sean Hannity attracted 3.35 million viewers during his 9pm slot.


When broken down into demographics, The Five pulled in 665,000 viewers in the crucial age demographic – which was just slightly more than Carlson’s 663,000 viewers. Hannity also attracted 610,000 viewers.

Meanwhile, CNN’s Anderson Cooper only managed to bring in 368,000 viewers in the necessary age demographic.

It means that the American people truly are getting sick and tired of the left-wing news outlets. It also means that Fox is managing to pull in Democrats and Independents, rather than just conservatives.

The age of Fox News is upon us – and at the same time, smaller conservative networks like Newsmax are seeing significant boosts, too.

That can only be a good thing for the news media industry.