Fox News Reporter Says A Recount May Be Coming

( Fox News correspondent Kevin Corke adopted a sarcastic tone while reporting the news that Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs had prevailed over Republican candidate Kari Lake in the contentious election for governor of Arizona.

In the days that followed Election Day, former President Donald Trump threw doubt on Arizona’s elections on Truth Social. Trump, who backed Lake’s campaign, did not provide any evidence to back up his allegations. In the midst of rising criticism, state election officials have defended both their methodology and their staff.

On Tuesday, after Fox News predicted that Hobbs would win the election, host Sean Hannity invited Corke to appear on his show. The newscaster mentioned that a vote recount might occur if the final tally between the two candidates was within half a percentage point of each other. Corke stated that this was a distinct possibility due to the closeness of the vote tallies for the contenders.

Corke stated that “the truth is that some truly want that governor campaign in Arizona to be over and done with” and that “it’s time for all of us to move on.”

When characterizing Hobbs and her campaign, Corke managed to get in a dig at the Democrat by claiming that she “wouldn’t debate, and some would even argue that she barely campaigned.”

He said that she managed to have the ground game to gather more than a million votes. Just enough, it would appear, to take down Kari Lake,” he said with skepticism.

Corke brought attention to a generic tweet sent out by Hobbs after her victory in which she stated that “democracy is worth the wait” and that she is “so happy and so proud” to serve as governor of the state.

Corke remarked, “But if you believe that, I got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you,” before displaying a tweet from Lake that was sent after it was determined that Hobbs had won.

Lake is quoted as saying that “Arizonans know BS when they see it.”