Fox News Owner Announces New Rules For Returning To Work

( Dow Jones, the parent company of the Wall Street Journal and some of Rupert Murdoch’s media companies, issued a memo on Tuesday telling itself that it would not require them to return to their physical offices in March.

Instead, the company is planning to take a “hybrid and flexible” approach as the United States finally starts leaving behind some COVID-19-related lockdown policies.

Almar Latour, the chief executive of the company, jointly issued the memo with chief people office Dianne DeSevo. In it, they said that they are currently discussing the best options for people to return to work, and plans on being much more flexible than they were before the pandemic.

“We know that different teams have different needs – that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to how and where we work,’ the memo said.

It comes as a number of large companies begin to ask their employees to finally return to work after two years of disruption.

Citigroup Inc announced this week that all vaccinated employees in the United States must start returning to their offices as of March 21, according to a memo sent out on Wednesday.

“Although COVID-19 may never fully go away, we are seeing promising developments,” the memo reads.

The New York Times obtained a copy of a memo sent by Wayne Connell, the vice president of human resources at The Washington Post, which also encouraged people to return to work in a “hybrid” format.

“In this first phase of return, we will be experimenting in a hybrid environment with all employees working in the office at least three days per week,” the memo said.

Are we entering a new world where people no longer leave their homes to go to work?

Is this the “new normal”?