Fox News Host Suggests He Might Be Jailed Next

( On Monday, Jesse Watters opened his Fox News program with a monologue regarding President Joe Biden’s remarks about “MAGA Republicans.”

In a speech earlier this month, Biden said that too much of what’s occurring in our country today is not normal. He said Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.

Biden has seized upon the acts of Trump and his supporters following the 2020 election as proof that his form of Republican Party politics is unacceptable. In particular, Trump famously claimed – and still believes – that the election was stolen from him when it wasn’t after he lost that specific contest.

Three weeks before Biden’s address, the FBI searched Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, where he had taken official government materials after leaving office. He was required to turn over all of the information to the National Archives after leaving office, even if some of it was classified. Conservatives objected, saying politics drove the attempt to retrieve the materials.

Watters said that the Republican Party had been classified as a terrorist organization by the Democratic Party, the media, and the FBI. Watters asserted that it is their patriotic responsibility as Americans to eliminate the threat.

He displayed a montage of well-known Democrats expressing concern about domestic terrorism.

Watters said he recalls during the Bush administration when Democrats would scream at Republicans for ‘politicizing 9/11’ because they wore a small flag pin. Now, on the anniversary of 9/11, Democrats declared war on Republicans.

Watters wondered If he believed Hunter’s laptop was real, would he be sent to Gitmo?

According to Watters, ” Biden “sounds like” George W. Bush, “but the enemy is a red hat instead of a box cutter,” he said.

The host contrasted Bush’s remarks about terrorists with Biden’s comments about “MAGA Republicans.”

Watters said, “This is Biden’s fight on terror.”

He said Biden states unequivocally that you are either with him or against him, and the Democrats were outraged when the Bush administration began spying on Muslims, searching their houses, and detaining them.

“What about the rights of the terrorists?” Watters asked. Bush supposedly acted inexplicably. But now Biden is attacking Republicans with terminology and strategies from Bush’s war on terror.

Watters makes a great point.