Fox News Host Defends “Mindful Breathing” in Schools

According to a report, Fox News’ Kennedy supported New York Mayor Eric Adams’ desire to implement mindful breathing in schools, while Raymond Arroyo challenged the practice’s links to yoga and Hinduism.

Emily Compagno remarked that America’s public school examination results are declining at an unbelievable rate, yet New York City Mayor Eric Adams is concentrating on breathing.   Adams is implementing a new plan for the city’s public schools- requiring several minutes of “mindful breathing” daily.

Fox host Raymond Arroyo expressed his view that children require increased in-class instruction and decreased government mandates. He wondered about the cause behind the practice.

If Adams has a yoga teacher in school and yoga is rooted in Hinduism. If we are able to do that, perhaps we need to engage in Bible study “mindfulness.” 

Kayleigh McEnany expressed her belief that the entire concept was absurd and should not be taught in schools.  Adams also believes this will put an end to violence, which McEnany highly doubts.

Kennedy countered and said that she was a strong supporter of “mindfulness.”  She suggested the data shows that people who participate in mindful breathing, especially kids, help you feel calmer, setting a positive tone for the day and reducing the likelihood of having a reactive brain. Reactive brains often feed off each other, particularly in adolescents.

Kennedy worried that there was a mental health crisis in schools right now. She explained how her daughter’s high school experienced multiple lockdowns due to incidents of threats and violence. She claimed that mindful breathing rewires and resets the brain. It helps you establish a foundation to improve your learning.

56% of respondents to a recent survey by NY1 and Siena College were pessimistic about the future of New York City. Only 7% of respondents said Adams was doing a great job, while 29% said he was doing a terrible one.

According to the report, just half a year into his new job, Adams is already in over his head.