Fox News Host Calls Chuck Todd Leaving “Too Soon”

Chuck Todd, the host of Meet the Press, revealed that he would be leaving the show at the close of the summer, and the next day, Jesse Watters ridiculed him. Todd will continue in his role as NBC News’ top political commentator.

A report shows Todd made a personal announcement to viewers last Sunday, saying it will be his last summer on Meet the Press. A person should not overstay their welcome for the survival of media entities, including Meet the Press. He prefers to depart slightly early than to linger a bit too late.

Watters played Todd’s remarks on Monday’s episode of Jesse Watters Primetime because he thought they were funny.

He laughed and said that Chuck Todd thinks he’s leaving too soon. It would be interesting if Chuck Todd’s guests appeared on Watters’ show. It could alter the direction of the nation. He would ask senators why they favor men changing in their daughters’ locker rooms or if the Secretary of State drives an e-car. And he would ask why the President keeps calling everybody racist.

The Fox News anchor said that Todd had turned his program into a “safe space” for the most influential individuals in America. 

He then played a clip from 2004 when the late Tim Russert had asked then-Senator John Kerry and then-President George W. Bush whether they were members of the secretive Skull and Bones club.

Watters’ said that what Chuck Todd would consider a conspiracy theory, the vintage Meet the Press would gladly cover. It is unlikely that Chuck Todd would quiz John Kerry on the inner workings of their secret societies involvement.  Chuck Todd has no idea that Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal is legitimate. 


The Spectator reports the announcement of Chuck Todd’s retirement from Meet the Press was less of a triumphant farewell and more of a merciful ending. In 2020, when Kristen Welker was given the Presidential debate, it seemed inevitable that NBC would get Chuck into a vehicle and take him far into the woods.

After David Gregory’s departure as host of Meet the Press, Todd’s tenure as host stood out for all the wrong reasons.