Fox News Covers Arrest Of Infowars Reporter

( Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, one of the most conservative voices on the network, covered the arrest of Info Wars reported Samuel Montoya on Wednesday. Carlson described how the FBI arrested Montoya for capturing footage of the Capitol Hill riots that took place on January 6.

Carlson went down the tricky road of defending the Info Wars reporter, who was labeled a protestor by the authorities and treated as if he was a member of a so-called violent “insurrection.”

Carlson described how the media has reported very little on the death of Republican protestor Ashli Babbitt, who was shot by an officer when entering the Capitol building. This week, the Justice Department announced that the investigation into her death would be closed, causing uproar among Republicans – including Carlson – who have accused the Biden White House of double standards.

“In the case of Ashli Babbitt, we’d know next to nothing about how she died, and we wouldn’t know anything if her shooting hadn’t been captured on video by people who don’t work at the Washington Post.,” Carlson said, before explaining how Info Wars reporter Samuel Montoya got much of the footage from that day.

“One of those people is a video editor from Texas called Samuel Montoya. Montoya was in the U.S. Capitol that day. Montoya doesn’t look much like a White supremacist, and he has no criminal history that we’re aware of. On Jan. 6, Samuel Montoya took what may be the clearest video of Ashli Babbitt’s death,” Carlson said.

Despite getting this important footage, Montoyais being treated like a criminal.

Carlson went on to say that, in Montoya’s video footage, it’s clear that Ashli Babbitt had no weapon, wasn’t attacking anybody, and couldn’t attack anybody because she was climbing through a window…and yet, she was shot to death by a police officer whose identity has remained protective.

Contrast and compare to the way that Derek Chauvin has been treated in the George Floyd trial…

Some networks even called Floyd’s death a murder before the trial even started!

A court affidavit submitted before Montoya’s arrest revealed how an FBI counterterrorism special agent from the San Antonio field office cited a 44-minute video published by Sam Montoya, which was embedded with the tag, “THERESISTANCE.VIDEO.”

In The video, Montoya can be seen wearing a red MAGA hat and entering the Capitol building with protestors.

Info Wars published a statement following the arrest confirming the Montoya was “reporting live on the ground freely exercising his First Amendment right to document the events of that day in a journalistic capacity.”

Montoya also repeatedly described himself as a “journalist” and a “reporter” in the video.

Tucker Carlson highlighting this hypocrisy is a good step, but will the FBI and the Department of Justice listen?