Four Assailants Break Elderly Man’s Jaw In Street Attack

On Sunday, authorities in Manhattan reported that a mob of alleged anti-gay assailants had broken the jaw of a 72-year-old man in a street assault.

The victim, who suffered a fractured jaw and injuries to his face and hands, was able to transport himself to a local hospital for care, as reported by law enforcement.

Police in Chelsea said the victim was punched, kicked, and hit with other things before the suspects ran inside the Fulton Section 8 housing projects along W. 19th St.

The NYPD’s Special Hate Crimes Unit is looking into the incident.

According to its website, Townhouses, low-rise apartments, high-end high-rises, and hip destinations like the High Line, an elevated park constructed on decommissioned railroad lines, all coexist in Chelsea. More than two hundred art galleries and the trendy Chelsea Market may be found in the area’s repurposed factories. Gay clubs may still be found in Chelsea, albeit the neighborhood’s gay community is not as big as it once was.

On Sunday, police distributed images of the suspects in an effort to identify and locate them with the public’s assistance. All three appear to be black teenagers in the photos. One is characterized as stocky with a light complexion, while the remaining three are described as thin with medium skin tones.

Police statements reveal that after making anti-gay slurs to the victim, the suspects reportedly began kicking and beating him in the head and body.

On Sunday, the NYPD published images captured by security cameras showing the suspects in the attacks and urged anybody with information to call the department’s Crime Stoppers tip line.
Over 1,400 homicides and 1,300 attempted homicides have been solved because of tips received via Crime Stoppers.

According to local media, the NYPD said on Monday that they had detained three of the individuals and charged them with gang attack and illegal possession of a firearm. As of Tuesday, the fourth suspect had not been located. Due to the suspects’ ages, authorities cannot divulge their identities.