Former Soccer Pro Tears Apart US Team’s Behavior

Carli Lloyd, winner of two Olympic gold medals, has criticized the United States women’s national soccer team for growing complacent and cocky in recent years.

Legendary female soccer player Lloyd called the quits in 2021. The former striker was instrumental in securing two Olympic gold medals, two World Cup victories, and two FIFA Player of the Year awards throughout her career.

Lloyd objected to the women’s team dancing and beaming after their 0-0 draw against Portugal on Tuesday when they advanced to the next round of the World Cup, owing mainly to the goalpost preventing a goal for Portugal.

She said the player of the game was that post. To be dancing and happy and everything; you’re fortunate you didn’t get sent home immediately.

The women’s squad “can’t take anything for granted — you have to work for everything that you get,” Lloyd claimed she reminded them.

She said that when you win and acquire the things you want, the meaning of victory changes. You’ve moved beyond just wanting victory for its own sake. You don’t want to settle for anything less than a victory because you are confident in the ability to win games with ease.

Lloyd, nevertheless, contended that this was not the case. Teams recognize that. They know American hubris and realize that America is not an invincible force. They see that they may be weakened and defeated.

She said that even though she’s retired, the squad will always have a special place in her heart. It’s hurting her; seeing the shift and change in that culture and thinking about her last few years coming to an end was painful. 

In 2022, Lloyd made similar remarks about the women’s squad, saying she “hated” competing for Squad USA in her last years.

She said the culture for her is what the culture has been on the national team since its inception. Everyone on the field was ready to battle. They carried with them a want. They carried with them an indomitable spirit. They brought the ability to find a way to score at any time, even if it’s the 91st minute. 

Since 2015, she said, that spirit has been dwindling.

It’s tough for her to watch.