Former Senator Cory Gardner Pulled Out of CCP-Linked Event

( The National Pulse is taking a victory lap this week, claiming that one of their “Look at the Chinese Ties” posts caused former Colorado Senator Cory Gardner to pull out of a November webinar sponsored by the Association for Former Members of Congress in conjunction with the China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF).

The proof the National Pulse provides to show that Gardner’s absence from this event was all due to their reporting is … well, they don’t provide any proof.

Now, it could be that Gardner was Googling his name and happened to stumble across the National Pulse’s November 5 report, and thought to himself, “Golly, I should pull out of this.”

Or maybe he just had a scheduling conflict.

Either way, the National Pulse is claiming credit for it.

Gardner was initially scheduled to appear in the webinar “What to Expect from the Upcoming Biden-Xi Virtual Summit” alongside Chen Qi, a professor from China’s Tsinghua University. The National Pulse then points out that Tsinghua University “has a history” of conducting cyberattacks against the United States.

But during its regular scouring of the CUSEF’s website, the National Pulse happened to notice that the webinar no longer featured Cory Gardner. Instead, former Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman was the one scheduled to appear with Chen Qi.

Coleman is the guy who “lost” to Democrat Al Franken in the crooked 2004 Minnesota Senate election.

President Biden and China’s President Xi held their “virtual summit” back on Monday, November 15. While the White House released a transcript of the opening remarks, the details of the meeting remain sketchy to this day. President Biden has still not addressed the country on what the two leaders discussed.

At the end of a press event before leaving for the Thanksgiving holiday, President Biden ignored CBS News Radio correspondent Steven Portnoy’s question on when the President would get around to telling the American people what he and Xi discussed in that meeting.