Former Clinton Advisor Says Hillary Clinton Will Run In 2024

( Dick Morris, a former aide to former President Bill Clinton, said that the Democrat establishment will dump President Joe Biden in favor of Hillary Clinton for a presidential bid in 2024.

Morris told the show’s host, John Catsimatidis, on “The Cats Roundtable” on WABC radio that Biden, 79, will not seek re-election.

Morris remarked that it was pretty evident right now that the Democrats are prepared to jettison Biden. The author of “The Return: Trump’s Big 2024 Comeback” claimed that the Democrats would run Clinton as a centrist if no other candidate appeared.

Morris explained to The Cats Roundtable that once Biden withdraws, polls would indicate that Democrats are leaning toward some crazy radical like Gavin Newsom, Bernie Sanders, or perhaps AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez).

Dick Morris believes that will prompt Democrat Party officials to approach Hillary and ask her to run again. They will tell her they need her to save them from the insane left. Otherwise, Sanders will be their candidate, and they’ll lose Congress by a landslide. And then Democrats will get annihilated in the presidential election.

Despite Morris’ forecast, Hillary Clinton, 74, has told left-leaning media that she would not run for president again.

Still, Morris believes Clinton is standing by for the Democrats to be wiped out in the November midterm elections to proclaim that only she can prevent this from happening again. But Morris told Catsimatidis that Clinton’s integrity issues would cost her another national defeat against Trump, who is mulling a third presidential bid.

Reports show Clinton was notably defeated in the primaries by Barack Obama in 2008 and by Donald Trump in the general election in 2016. Throughout both competitions, she had been the clear favorite.

Morris, 73, began counseling Bill Clinton during his 1978 candidacy for governor of Arkansas and continued to do so throughout his administration. In 1996, he resigned after a controversy. After a decade, he became an ardent adversary of the Clintons, protesting against Hillary’s political ambitions in books and on television.

After 2016, Hillary Clinton should have retired to the forest with her bottle of Chianti.