Former Blackwater Group Linked To Ukraine’s Newest Outfit

( Politicians and the media in the US are lauding the Ukrainian advance in the territory to the north of Kharkiv. They omit that the neo-Nazi Azov Regiment is leading the Ukrainian attack.

According to Ukrainska Pravda, which quotes the Azov Kharkiv SOF’s Telegram channel, “Soldiers of the Azov Kharkiv Special Operations Forces (SOF) and the 14th Mechanized Brigade named after Prince Roman the Great liberated and cleared the entire northeast of Kharkiv Oblast, from the village of Vesele to the city of Vovchansk”: De-occupation of Ternova, Varvarivka, Izbytske, and Staritsa territories completely. The state boundary is now in good shape.

According to Andrey Medvedev, a journalist for the state-run VGTRK television network, mercenaries from Academi (formerly Eric Prince’s Blackwater) is also taking part in the Kharkiv operation, according to the Russian online news outlet Lenta. According to sources, PMC (Private Military Company) Academi is actively managing the former Blackwater, the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Outside sources have verified the assertions.

According to Medvedev, the PMC operators might include not just Americans but also people from other nations, such as former South American military and police personnel, Ukrainians, people from the former USSR states, and people from Eastern Europe, according to Lenta.

Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Azov Regiment was widely criticized in the western media as a neo-Nazi militia. However, after the attack, they were abruptly whitewashed as another element of the Ukrainian military. In 2018, Congress outlawed US arms assistance to the Azov Regiment.

In a 2016 study for the OSCE, the Foundation for the Study of Democracy charged the Azov Regiment for regularly torturing detainees.
Amnesty International accused the Ukrainian military in a report from August 2022 of “placing people at risk and violating the laws of war.” Amnesty also charged Russian forces with war crimes in the vicinity of Kharkiv.

According to the left in the U.S., people who support MAGA are white supremacists and NAZIs. If WWIII broke out, what are the chances the left would refuse the services of MAGA followers from serving in the military?