Footage Captures Moment Man Rescued From Flood Waters

A riveting video has surfaced online of first responders rescuing a motorist from the top of his SUV as floods ravaged the Houston, Texas, area.

The rescue unfolded along Spring Cypress Road in Spring, Harris County. The dramatic rescue was captured in a video that shows the driver standing on the roof of his SUV as floodwaters raged around him, and first responders eventually helped him.

According to a local news source citing an individual from A.S.K. Towing and Recovery, the driver apparently lost control of his car after hydroplaning.

The video showed that the driver was fastened to a harness and climbed on a ladder dropped to him from overhead.   There was no more information on the particular rescue effort or the driver’s condition after the rescue was available.

According to local weather reports, heavy downpours in the area led to flooding in Harris County.

The forecast indicated that the heavy rain and storms had cleared, with a slightly cooler and breezy day expected at the end of the week.

Following severe rains on January 24 near Livingston, a beaver dam caused a neighborhood’s primary access route to be swept away, leading to a shelter-in-place order.

Footage captures the destruction of the road inside the Crystal Lakes community, which is located right off US Highway 190 East.

Due to flooding, a large portion of Crystal Lakes West—previously accessible by foot—is now inaccessible to vehicles and pedestrians alike.

Heavy rains on Tuesday caused flooding, as Polk County Pct. 2 reported because a beaver dam had obstructed a pipe in a trench. The road washed away because the floodwaters loosened the soil.

The Harris County Flood Control District offers online tools for individuals to check rainfall levels in the region and get real-time notifications. This is especially helpful for those who live near creeks or bayous and need to monitor the water levels during severe weather.