Flooding In Central China Displaces 1.2 Million People

(FreedomBeacon.com)- 1.2 million people in China have been displaced by catastrophic floods caused by record-breaking rainfall. The people of the city of Zhengzhou saw their streets turn into violent rivers, with underground tunnels and train stations completely filled with water and floodwater reaching so high that the second floors of buildings were even submerged.

The huge floods caused power outages, disrupted schools, hospitals, and businesses, and even left medical facilities incapable of providing life support to people on the edge of death.

China released an official death toll on July 20 claiming that only 25 people had died as a result of the floods, but as with any data from China, we should probably take that number with a pinch of salt.

Are we meant to believe that only 25 people died in floods this serious?

Residents of the city, which has a population of over 12 million, have told various news outlets, including The Epoch Times, that they believe the death toll to be significantly higher than what the government claims.

Speaking to The Times, one resident said that she saw people being swept away by the floodwaters on July 20. The resident said that two women were washed away by the waters when they attempted to cross the street, and that she was unable to do anything to help them.

Over 500 people were trapped inside of a subway station when it flooded on July 20, and 12 people reportedly died as a result.

Footage shared online showed how people were trapped inside subway cars as the water began to rise.

89 counties have reportedly been affected by the flooding so far. The official line is that the flooding was caused by the rain, but The Epoch Times reported that local residents believe that reservoirs and dams in the region had also been overwhelmed by the water.