“Femicide” Reported After Woman Dies Every 48 Hours In One Location

CTV News says that a recent study finds that the incidence of femicide in Canada has steadily risen over the last five years, with 850 women and girls murdered, or around one every 48 hours. The paper states that it can be concluded that the murder of women and girls in Canada in 2022 involving a male perpetrator rose by 27 percent from 2019.

Some age groups were overrepresented, but overall the average age of women and girls slain by a male suspect was 42. For instance, among the fatalities, 21% were women between the ages of 25 and 34, making up just 14% of the female population.

Males accused had an average age of 37, with the majority being between the ages of 25 and 35 (23%).

Advocates want the word “femicide” formally recognized in Canadian law and the Criminal Code.

A common thread in the lives of women and girls who have been murdered is involved with law enforcement or social services, such as women’s shelters.

The study includes the heartbreaking number of 868 Canadian children who have lost a mother to femicide. They are called “living victims,” and many of them are orphaned if the offender commits suicide or is incarcerated.

After learning that the shooter in the Nova Scotia mass shooting of 2020 had a history of allegedly abusing and manipulating his wife and other women, the Mass Casualty Commission report suggested that the Canadian government designate “gender-based violence” as an epidemic.

On Thursday, MCC commissioner Michael MacDonald told reporters that “women have been carrying, through community-based organizations, the burden of protecting women almost exclusively for far too long” while urging men, especially men in positions of power, to speak out against gender-based violence.

Males who identify as women have been reported infiltrating women-only locations nationwide, and a prominent trans activist has called for violence to silence women who disagree with the fundamental ideas of gender identity ideology.