Feds Tell Donald Trump They’re Coming For Him

According to a report, Trump’s legal team has been advised that former President Donald Trump is expected to be detained by federal authorities shortly. This information comes from the Department of Justice under Joe Biden. The arrest of Biden’s political adversary, who is now ahead of him in the polls, marks a watershed event in American history.

Attorney General Merrick Garland directed Jack Smith to investigate Donald Trump, and Smith will prosecute Trump with mishandling confidential material in violation of Title 18, Chapter 37. 

Reports show that before Trump left office, he declassified documents pertaining to “Operation CrossFire Hurricane.”

On his TruthSocial account, Trump posted that a study by the American Bar Association in 2022 appeared to concur with Trump’s argument that ‘rules support his position that presidents have extensive discretion to declassify publicly.

Long-standing worries that Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton have been handled differently in their secret memos case have been stoked by the Justice Department’s unsealing of a 37-count case against former President Donald Trump pertaining to his handling of sensitive data.

According to reports, since last November, when he was appointed, Special Counsel Jack Smith has concentrated on working on this matter. In August 2022,  the FBI raided his Florida residence, Mar-a-Lago, in search of classified papers he may have collected from the White House. 

Former Trump administration staffer and federal prosecutor Kash Patel claimed that Smith would have significant legal challenges in getting the case to trial, including that he has failed to provide sufficient evidence of a crime.

Smith has overcharged Trump, and the 49-page document did not accuse the president of unlawful access of classified documents.

Patel stated on the “John Solomon Reports” podcast that Trump was charged with violating the National Defense Information Act and Espionage Act by improperly taking content concerning National Defense Information and utilizing them against the best interests of the nation of America.

The prosecutors charged him with a separate charge for every document instead of one count, a common practice among overzealous prosecutors.

Patel continued by stating that he did not believe this would go to a jury. The judge may have to resolve numerous legal issues.