Feds Reveal Closing Arguments About Jeffrey Epstein

(FreedomBeacon.com)- You may not have known much about it, given that judges didn’t allow the case to be publicly aired in the same way the Kyle Rittenhouse case was, but the Ghislaine Maxwell trial is coming to an end – and in their closing arguments, federal prosecutors described the former partner of dead sex offender Jeffrey Epstein as a “sophisticated predator.”

Jurors heard the closing arguments on Monday, during which prosecutors said that Maxwell – who is accused of recruiting young women and children for Epstein – “knew exactly what she was doing.”

“She ran the same playbook again and again and again,” prosecutors said, before saying it was time for her to be held accountable for allegedly helping her former partner pretty on underage girls and women.

Assistant United States Attorney Alison Moe said that Epstein and Maxwell had dated for many years and were for all intents and purposes “partners.” She said that the fact they dated for 11 years means that they both knew what each other liked, and that Maxwell didn’t just know what Epstein enjoyed doing with these young victims, but that she played an active role in recruiting victims.

Attorney Laura Menninger, defending Maxwell, dismissed the claims and said that the case had nothing to do with Maxwell and “everything to do with Jeffrey Epstein.”

Menninger claimed that federal prosecutors were going after Maxwell as some kind of “Cruella de Vil” character and that she has only become a target for the government because Epstein is dead and cannot be held criminally responsible.

Maxwell, 59 years old, is accused of grooming young women between the 1990s and the early 2000s. Prosecutors said she “caused deep and lasting harm to young girls” and that she was “crucial” to all of Epstein’s activities. Prosecutors also said that Maxwell was motivated by money, with some $30 million being transferred into her bank accounts over the years she spent with Epstein.

If convicted, Maxwell is looking at up to 70 years in prison on six different counts.