Feds Quietly Redacted Key Info In Emails

(FreedomBeacon.com)- When news of the Disinformation Governance Board first broke, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas assured the public that the agency was founded on best practices and that it had nothing to conceal.

After a year, Mayorkas’s department still hides the legal arguments and buzzwords it developed to defend the defunct board against “blowback,” according to records obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

Reports show the conservative charity Citizens United requested access to more than 100 pages of redacted internal correspondence between the board’s previous executive director, Nina Jankowicz, and employees.

DHS failed to anticipate the backlash the board would generate and frantically sought measures to prevent “enemy” media from spreading the story.

Once news of the board’s existence spread, several media outlets referred to it as the “Ministry of Truth,” prompting blowback and abuse, as Jankowicz put it in an email released under the Freedom of Information Act.

Per reports, just four months after it was established, the board was dismantled due to public criticism about Jankowicz’s leadership and the board’s vague mandates.

David Bossie, president of Citizens United, sent commentary to Just The News in which he accused the Biden administration of utilizing the executive branch for partisan persecution.

Earlier this month, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan said that subpoenas had been issued to many members of the Biden administration, including Jankowicz, as part of the GOP’s continuing probe into the alleged political “weaponization” of government agencies.

Jankowicz said she had no problem testifying in front of the panel.

The next day, Jankowicz set up a “GoFundMe” page in order to raise money with the express purpose of filing a lawsuit against Fox News, which she holds responsible for disseminating false and damaging information about me.

Jankowicz has decided to raise $100k. She said some of it came from haters who gave the bare minimum to slam her on her GoFundMe page.

It seems that most of Twitter, even those who have never engaged with her, have been banned by Jankowicz. This might explain why she hasn’t been able to gather much money.