Feds Make Biggest Cocaine Bust In 20 Years

(FreedomBeacon.com)- In late August, US Customs and Border Protection seized nearly $12 million worth of cocaine in a shipment labeled “baby wipes,” making it the agency’s largest cocaine bust in nearly two decades.

The seizure occurred on August 26 at the Colombia-Solidarity Bridge near Laredo, Texas, when a CBP officer referred a Stoughton trailer for a secondary inspection. According to the trailer’s manifest, it was hauling baby wipes. But during a canine and “non-intrusive” inspection, the CPB found 1,935 packages of cocaine weighing 1,532.65 pounds with an estimated street value of $11,828,400.

Randy Howe, the director of field operations at Customs and Border Protection’s Loredo field office described the find as a “colossal, record-setting seizure.”

Loredo Port of Entry Director Alberto Flores said the massive seizure is “a prime example of border security management and how it helps prevent dangerous narcotics from reaching our communities.”

In July, CPB seized $600,000 worth of cocaine when a truck purportedly delivering juice attempted to enter the US at the World Trade Bridge in Loredo. The canine and “non-intrusive” inspection found 38 packages containing 87 pounds of cocaine within the tires of the trailer.

President Biden’s lax border security has been blamed for the unprecedented increase in drug-related overdoses and deaths plaguing the US.

While the CPB has seized plenty of narcotics crossing over the border, the broader question is, how much has slipped through unnoticed?