Feds Are Stonewalling For Hunter Biden 

(FreedomBeacon.com)- The House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Chairman James Comer (R-Ky) has called a hearing to investigate why the Treasury Department withholds suspicious activity reports (SARs). 

This request is in reaction to the Biden family’s and their associates’ unusually high-stakes spending and travels abroad. Committee Chairman Comer requested the release of these SARs in a letter to Secretary Yellen dated January 11, 2023.  

Several Republican committee members in the 117th Congress asked to see these SARs. No SARs are currently available to the general public on the Treasury Department’s website. The hearing will examine Treasury’s justifications for withholding requested papers and include a discussion of potential legislative remedies to the issue of Congress’s lack of timely access to suspicious activity reports. 

Comer says the Biden administration’s Treasury Department continues to provide lame explanations for why it hasn’t provided them with suspicious activity reports that are crucial to their investigation into the potentially criminal scams conducted by the Biden family. While the Treasury Department has previously provided these records to another legislative office, they are concerned that it is operating in bad faith by not giving them to the Oversight Committee. Comer said that based on this evidence, they fear that the Treasury Department is behaving dishonestly.  

The following week, during a scheduled hearing, Chairman Comer will explain why the Treasury Department withholds information widely believed to be critical. 

The specifics of financial transactions and other confidential information are included in the suspicious activity reports and other BSA filings that have been filed with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. 

Comer once again demanded that Yellen give up “any SARs produced in connection with” Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s brother James Biden, Hunter’s business associates (including Eric Schwerin and Devon Archer), and the younger Biden’s enterprises. Furthermore, Comer asked the Treasury Department to provide any FinCEN information related to the financial institutions used by Hunter Biden, James Biden, or any other named people and stop their stonewalling.