FDA retirements reignite debate over Biden booster plan

(FreedomBeacon.com)- President Joe Biden’s White House appears to be fully supportive of plans to authorize new booster shots of the COVID-19 vaccine, but the true motive behind those plans are slowly being revealed. The recent resignation of two of the highest-ranking federal vaccine regulators has drawn even more attention to the plans, as people criticize the plan as ineffective, nonsensical, and simply an opportunity to make pharmaceutical companies more money.

Last week, the Food and Drug Administration announced the retirements of Marion Gruber, who was the director of the agency’s Office of Vaccines Research and Review, as well as Phil Krause, the deputy director of the office. Gruber’s retirement will take place in October while Krause will leave in November.

Convenient, huh

The FDA has not revealed the reason for both of these top-ranking officials leaving the FDA, but reports suggest that both have grown frustrated by the encroachment on their autonomy from other agencies. Presumably the pressure of federal government telling them what they want to see, and what kind of vaccine plans should be put in place, became too much.

Scott Gottlieb, who served as the FDA commissioner during the Trump administration, told CNBC on Wednesday that there is a “deep bench: in the FDA and he thinks that the retirement proves frustration running through the agency, particularly with the CDC.

Last month the Biden administration announced a new plan to allow a third COVID-19 shot for people who are immunocompromised – and the announcement didn’t follow normal protocol.

Usually, it is up to the FDA and the Centers of Disease Control’s outside advisory group to work together on recommending what vaccines American people should take and when they should take them. This time, however, the decision was a top-down affair, with President Biden taking charge.

Is it any wonder they resigned? Who in their right mind would be happy with an aging man with clear cognitive problems telling you what vaccines Americans should take and when to take them?

Biden is not a doctor.