“F*ck You” Geraldo Rivera Gets Angry On Twitter

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Fox News host Geraldo Rivera got into a Twitter slap-fight with The Atlantic’s neocon writer David Frum this week over Frum’s accusing Fox News of supporting Vladimir Putin.

On Monday, Frum mused that not one Fox News personality has resigned over the cable network’s “support for Putin’s war.” Invoking the name of former Russian state television broadcaster Marina Ovsyannikova, Frum said she “risked life and liberty” to tell the truth to the Russian people. Then he asked if there was a single Fox employee who would be “willing to forgo a single check” to do the same.

Ovsyannikova held up a sign reading “NO WAR” during a live broadcast, telling viewers not to believe the propaganda because the Kremlin was “lying to you.”

Geraldo Rivera was none too pleased.

Responding on Twitter, “The Five” co-host told Frum “F*ck you,” adding that Frum doesn’t know him.

None of the Fox News hosts has sided with Russia in its invasion of Ukraine or shown an ounce of “support for Putin’s war.”

None of the Fox News hosts has condoned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Frum’s tweet was nonsense.

But then again, what else should we expect from a nonsensical man like David Frum?