FBI Signs Agreement With Blacks in Government’s (BIG) Program

The FBI has signed a pact with the Blacks In Government (BIG) Future Leaders in America’s Government (FLAG) program, saying it wants to foster more cooperation between the two organizations. The Blacks in Government group advocates on behalf of black government workers, and under the new agreement, the FBI says it will share information concerning opportunities and job vacancies with members of its youth program. The federal agency hopes to educate FLAG members about its “mission” and invite them to conferences and training events.

Blacks In Government National President Shirley A. Jones said the deal will help ensure a “diverse cadre of future leaders.”

Critics say the new partnership provides another example of the Biden administration’s fixation on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), which many believe discriminates on racial grounds and places unqualified people in important positions based on one of a categorized range of identities.

In a recent Twitter post, for instance, the New Orleans FBI said it was “on the lookout” for minority applicants hoping to become Special Agents.

The FBI announced the BIG partnership just weeks after Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee wrote to Director Christopher Wray insisting that DEI policies put Americans at risk. The letter cited examples, including the FBI’s reported role in ensuring that the Hunter Biden laptop scandal was suppressed in the weeks running up to the 2020 Presidential election, and its targeting of American Catholics as subversives.

The Republicans condemned Mr. Wray for “degrading” the FBI, which accepts applications from individuals previously rejected by other institutions. The agency recruits so-called “breadcrumbs” who failed to qualify for other federal roles in order to meet DEI mandates. The lawmakers wrote that the FBI has substantially lowered its standards and detrimentally impacted public confidence in the organization.

House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio also demanded that Director Wray provide figures on employment and recruitment targets, in addition to detail on how many recruits graduate or fail every year.