FBI Interrogation Video of January 6th Protestor

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Over the objections of the defense, the judge in January 6 defendant Danny Rodriguez’s trial, ordered the release of the video of the FBI’s interrogation of Rodriguez.

Rodriguez pleaded not guilty to assaulting DC Metro police officer Michael Farone. His defense opposed the release of the video arguing that Rodriguez was not read the Miranda warning before the FBI agents began the interrogation.

Huffington Post contributor Ryan Reilly posted videos from the interrogation in a Twitter thread.

The footage, released on Tuesday, is not fun to watch. The two agents badger and manipulate Rodriguez, who made the foolish mistake of sitting down with them without a lawyer present.

At times, the agents push Rodriguez to tears finally getting him to admit that he used a taser on officer Farone.

Farone has made the most of his brief time at the 3-hour riot, using the media attention to its fullest while the anti-Trump Resistance turns him into their latest beefcake heartthrob now that Michael Avenatti has fallen from grace.

Rodriguez admits to the agents that he brought a taser to defend himself against Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists who invariably turn up like ants at a picnic every time Trump supporters hold a rally.

Rodriguez admitted that he broke a window to enter the Capitol. The FBI got him to say he thought he was doing right by former President Trump by breaking into the Capitol. He told them that he thought they were going to occupy the building and remain there for a couple of days.

And, like every tyrannical regime, the FBI agents were able to extract from Rodriguez a mea culpa. He confessed that he was wrong and stupid for believing storming the Capitol was the right thing to do.

The entire interrogation is pathetic and painful to watch.

This guy isn’t a criminal mastermind. But he will be treated like one.

If there is one lesson to take away from watching this interrogation, it is this: never, under any circumstances, talk to the FBI without a lawyer present.