FBI Accused Of DESTROYING Evidence…

(FreedomBeacon.com)- The legend goes there was gold lost or stolen during the 1863 Battle of Gettysburg, and it was still out there.

Treasure hunters looked for it and found it. They took the FBI to the site.

Now they claim the FBI made off with several tons of buried Civil War-era gold and scrubbed the evidence related to the 2018 excavation in Pennsylvania.

In a court filing Friday, Finders Keepers, a lost treasure locate and recovery service, said that the FBI possessed 17 videos of their dig. Now, they say there are only four videos.

“This raises the obvious question of whether the videotapes were destroyed in the interim,” wrote attorney Anne Weismann, Finders Keepers’ lawyer.

Finders Keepers wants the FBI to answer to the inconsistency.

The FBI maintains that a March 2018 dig at the remote woodland was a bust, but Finders Keepers says the Feds are lying and intended to steal the gold after spending four years looking for the haul. They say the FBI has acted suspiciously and cagey.

The behavior, they believe, points to one deduction: The FBI stole the gold.

The DOJ says they’ll begin releasing records by the end of May. They will be released in batches of 500 pages.

The FBI says there are about “2,400 pages of records and 1,000 photos” in addition to the videos. The lawyer for Finders Keepers wants the release of materials expedited.

The father-son duo of Dennis and Kem Parada spent four years looking for the fabled Union gold. It was allegedly lost or stolen on its way to the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia.

The father and son led the FBI to a remote parcel 135 miles northeast of Pittsburgh. They say their instruments detected a massive hunk of metal.

The FBI’s contractor confirmed the Paradas discovery and said it detected a 9-ton metallic mass suggestive of gold.

At the site, the FBI asked the discoverers to stay in their car while the FBI poked around.

The FBI initially claimed it had no evidence of the dig at all. Then, after being ordered to perform another look, they stonewalled and claimed its records were exempt from public disclosure.

Lastly, after the treasure hunters’ legal appeal, the FBI said it had located records.

They said they could potentially turn over some records but it would take years.

That prompted a FOIA suit.

Elders in the area and members of the Elk County Historical Society believe the gold is just an old wives’ tale, which would mean the FBI is innocent.

That’s hard to believe these days.