Father Loses His Life In Tragic Skydiving Accident

Jacob “Jake” Todd, a spirited Colorado father who lived life to the fullest, met a tragic end on Oct. 15 when his parachute failed during a skydiving event in Texas. He was on the brink of achieving his 100th dive for the year.

Jake’s passing leaves a void in the hearts of his parents, three siblings, and especially his cherished 9-year-old daughter, Jeune. His father, Dave Todd, expressed the deep bond he shared with Jake, saying, “Not only was he my son, but he was also my closest companion.”

In a conversation with Fox 31, the heartbroken father reflected on Jake’s passion for skydiving. “Though I was always fearful of the dangers it entailed, I recognized the joy it gave him,” Dave shared.

Jake, aged 36, and his daughter, Jeune, possessed the innate ability to bring warmth and light into any space, said Bryan Todd, Jake’s brother. Emphasizing Jake and Jeune’s special bond, Bryan mentioned, “The two of them had an extraordinary connection.”

Continuing his tribute, Bryan added, “Jake was a beacon of compassion. His generosity knew no bounds – whether it was offering his last possession or the shirt off his back.”

Dave reiterated the sentiment, emphasizing that Jake was a pillar of reliability, always ready to lend “time, money, a listening ear, or advice.”

Celebrating Jake’s love for the Colorado outdoors, Dave mentioned, “Jake truly embodied the Colorado ethos. I’ll deeply miss him, but I’m committed to ensuring his legacy lives on through Jeune and our family.”

To assist with the financial burden and to support Jeune, a GoFundMe has been organized. The page recalls Jake’s love for adrenaline-charged hobbies, from car racing to skydiving. His enthusiasm for life extended to Jeune, with whom he often embarked on exciting escapades like rock hunting, visiting amusement parks, and even skydiving. The fundraiser poignantly notes, “Wherever Jake was, Jeune was right beside him.”

Jake’s final farewell was at the Parker Funeral Home last Sunday.

Jake’s obituary lists his loving family members: his daughter, parents, two brothers, a sister, grandparents, and an extended family of aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews.