Farmers Find Human Feces In Their Fields As Southern Border Problems Rage

The invasion of the southern border, which is being facilitated by the Biden administration, is causing problems around the country. In this instance, pecan farmers in Texas’ El Paso Valley said that they have found human feces in their fields, according to The Western Journal. Illegal immigrants are reportedly doing more than just passing through. 

One resident has come forward saying that the immigrants are defecating in the fields and leaving their passports behind. The resident noted that it is like that all night long. Drugs have also been found buried in the ground or left in abandoned vehicles. 

The valley reportedly produces more than 50 percent of pecans grown in Texas, which produces more pecans than the other 14 states that it competes with. It is just a mile from where Trump’s wall was built. 

While the situation spirals out of control in border states, states further up north are experiencing the negative impact of unfettered immigration as well. New York City has recently had the help of the military to process and transport migrants through the state, according to American Pigeon. The city became so overwhelmed that the mayor was reportedly considering using schools to house the illegals. 

Immigration is an important issue among Republican voters as the 2024 election approaches. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently vowed to end birthright citizenship, complete the southern wall, and send U.S. forces into Mexico to deal with the drug cartels. But others are looking to former President Donald Trump to complete the southern border. 

By January 2021, 131 miles of Trump’s wall were complete, which replaced the insignificant fence built in 2009, which received Democratic support at the time. Now, Democrats are looking to pave the path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.