Families Of Hostage Victims Issue Emotional Plea

Things within the realm of international politics have quickly deteriorated over the last several years. Indeed, since entering the oval office in January of 2021, the 46th American president Joe Biden has attempted to govern in the exact “opposite” fashion that his predecessor Donald Trump did. While Trump championed a “peace through strength” strategy in terms of foreign policy, Biden has appeared nothing but incompetent at the global level. Early in his term, Biden orchestrated a botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. In the process, some 13 U.S. servicemembers died, and millions of dollars in military equipment was abandoned, likely falling into the hands of the Taliban. Biden also rescinded many sanctions that Trump had placed on the Russian nation after spending years calling the Donald a Russian sympathizer. Biden allowed the Kremlin to drill for oil in the North Atlantic, and subsequently, Putin invaded Ukraine, bringing war back to Europe for the first time since 1945.

In the pacific, China has been overly aggressive, and recently launched a military aerial maneuver over the island of Taiwan (which it claims as its own territory and does not recognize its sovereignty). North Korea has also returned to its formerly bombastic ways, and recently held a massive military parade in Pyongyang.

Most troublingly, on October 7th the Muslim terrorist group Hamas attacked Israel and killed over 1,000 civilians. Israel subsequently declared war on the group, and the conflict has escalated as the nation continues military actions in bordering Gaza. Hamas also took many people hostage after it attacked Israel in early October. While some Democrats have openly supported Hamas, federal Republicans have overwhelmingly supported Israel in its fight against the terrorists. Recently, members of the GOP brought relatives of people taken hostage by the Islamist extremists to the floor of congress for speeches and testimony. The Republicans attempted to place a human face on the conflict and show the immense suffering it has caused.