Facebook Green Lights Inappropriate Video Leaked Of Congressman While Covering For Biden Family

(FreedomBeacon.com)- After sharing a photo of Hunter using crack, The Gateway Pundit’s Twitter account was suspended for 12 hours. Gateway did not post the available footage but offered a link to the story.

To add to the frustration, far-left Twitter suspended not just The Gateway Pundit account but also everyone who retweeted the Hunter Biden article.
The Chinese Communist Party would be proud of these tactics.

The tech giants want to control your conduct and what you’re allowed to see.
The liberal media and tech behemoths declined to report on the Biden family’s financial and criminal sexual assault issues.

The vice president’s criminal family was involved in drugs, orgies, and unlawful pay-for-play activities, but the incident was not publicized for over a year. This ensured that the report would not detract from Biden’s prospects of winning the presidency.

However, the treatment of Madison Cawthorn by the left-wing media demonstrates the blatant bias in left-wing media journalistic practices.

Cawthorne, a well-known Republican lawmaker, is currently the focus of a scathing pornographic attack. Democrats in North Carolina obtained old videotapes of Madison frolicking with friends. These recordings were made before he ran for Congress. They were discovered and distributed in a blatant attempt to harm his reelection chances.

North Carolina leftist political activists obtained the tapes.

The FBI has not taken any action as of yet.

The far-left digital behemoths have agreed to let the video air on their networks.
The radical left’s power brokers in the IT sector and the mainstream media will only allow posted material that is harmful to Republicans. No information that might harm a corrupt Democrat will be allowed.

They are undertaking Marxist-style tactics in the United States against the general public. Only what they want you to see will be visible.

They want to control it all.