Eye Contact Must Be Consensual At Popular Bar

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Staring at other partygoers is now prohibited in a nightclub in Sydney, Australia.
Violators are threatened with a call to law enforcement.

Reports show that Club 77 has released its new safety and harassment policy on its website, which states plainly that guests must obtain permission to look “at someone from afar.” According to the policy, the club will select one security guard as a safety officer every night, who will be identified by a pink high-visibility vest.

According to entertainment reports, the club implemented the new rule in the hopes of making a “safe zone” because it had attracted certain people who do not share their principles and ethics when it comes to club culture. The police will be called on violators for “harassment,” according to the statement.

In early August, the club announced the regulation in a lengthy Instagram post, which elicited diverse reactions in the comments. Many commentators seemed to enjoy the regulation change, sending heart emojis and thanking the institution.

Others were less enthusiastic, with one person writing, “RIP to social interaction.”
Another person noted that everything is turning into social media in real life. Never before has the adage “Go Woke Go Broke” been more accurate.

According to the club’s owner, Dan Gorrel, no one has been evicted for breaching the new “no gazing” policy. According to reports, the club is growing popular with young people, so he wanted to make sure the new guests were at ease while they danced into the early hours of the morning.

Gorrel said his club encourages interaction with strangers, but any engagement must begin with a verbal agreement. This also applies if you are looking at someone from a distance. It is considered harassment if you give someone unwelcome attention.

People get dressed up to go to a club because they want to be stared at. Besides, how creepy would it be to ask for ‘permission to stare’?

Welcome to Club High Strung.